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Tacos El Asador

690 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, M6G 1L2


A taste of El Salvador comes to Toronto.

Category: Restaurants


Cuisine Type | Latin American
Ambiance | Casual, Dining Alone
Meals Served | Light Meals/Snacks, Bit O' Everything
Amenities | Beer & Wine
Pricing | Less than $20
Payment | Cash


Neighbourhood | Downtown
Getting There | Christie Station
Cross Street | Clinton


Mon-Sun 11AM – 9PM

Profile Last Updated: May 15, 2009

El Salvador, in the Heart of Koreatown
This box-sized taco joint sits smack dab in the middle of Toronto’s Korean district. The cozy restaurant is decorated with flags of Brazil, Mexico and other Latin American countries. Hanging from the rafters you’ll also see festive garlands, maybe a piñata or two and around the restaurant you will see folkloric dolls and other decorations. Ads and pictures of beer also adorn the walls of Tacos El Asador. The restaurant has a casual vibe, great for dining solo or with a small group of friends. It can get really cramped during peak hours, so sharing table space during busy times is not uncommon. El Asador has two TV screens that play everything from bad movies to news to City TV, for your viewing enjoyment and amusement.

Got Juice?
One of my favourite things about Tacos El Asador is its far-flung selection of authentic Mexican beverages. This means juice and soda, although beer is also available. The juice and soda is sweetened with cane sugar, not processed corn syrup. You can try Mexican sodas and juices in tropical, exciting flavours. Guanabana, watermelon, pineapple-coconut and grapefruit drinks will wet your whistle while you await the food.

More Than Tacos
Yes, the word ‘taco’ informs the name of the restaurant, but you won’t find any Taco Bell-style grub here. Tacos are made with either soft or crispy tortillas, and in beef, chicken, pork, biftec (more like steak rather than ground beef) and vegetarian versions. Empanadas, burritos and quesadillas round out the tortilla-based options. The traditional rice and bean dinner is served, as are guacamole and nachos. A word to the wise: If its dinner you want, make sure to arrive before closing time (9 p.m.), as Tacos El Asador closes a tad early for nocturnal types.


Wheelchair Access: No