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Rosetta McClain Gardens

Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON

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The artistic center of Scarborough sits amidst this family farm turned garden.



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Profile Last Updated: September 22, 2008

Pining for Flowers
At the height of the Scarborough Bluffer’s Park, lies the Rosetta McCain Gardens. Renowned for its spectacular views of Lake Ontario, it features a pathway that’s lined with bright red calla lilies and leads through an herb and scented garden, a perennial garden, and a rose garden. Amidst the limestone rockery, there are begonias, geraniums and cardoons. The shell of an old pine house serves as a reminder of a family farm that once dominated tes space. The accessible design of Rosetta McClain Gardens makes it a haven for flower connoisseurs, bird and butterfly watchers, and a surreal backdrop for wedding photographs. The neighbouring office of the Scarborough Arts Council enjoys this picturesque environment. While enjoying exhibits and workshops at The Bluffs Gallery, it’s easy to find inspiration in the landscape of Rosetta McCain Gardens.

Groomed for Brides
The mature trees throughout Rosetta McClain gardens emphasize the bluff-top view. Flowers so fragrant, moreover, make the setting a sensual delight even for the visually impaired. A pet cemetery on site even provides a peculiar place for contemplation. But the park has also played a starring role in many a wedding ceremony, as the City of Toronto offers permits to accommodate a canopy and chairs – just make sure the other brides and grooms posing for photos don’t wander in by accident.