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Ciros Restaurant

1316 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, M6H 1P2


A true neighbourhood darling, Ciros Restaurant offers a world of beer under one roof.

Category: Restaurants


Cuisine Type | Eclectic, Asian
Pricing | Less than $20
Payment | MasterCard, Visa


Neighbourhood | High Park
Getting There | Lansdowne station
Cross Street | Bloor and Lansdowne


Mon-Sun 12PM-2AM

Profile Last Updated: January 07, 2008

Tour de Force
Located in the somewhat shabbier part of Bloor west, Ciros Restaurant is akin to an oasis in the desert. Across the street, a single building houses an interesting combination: one part church, one part strip joint. A colourful neighbourhood, indeed. Yet Ciros thrives as a hip nightspot, and not just because it’s the only bar to be found from Landsdowne/Bloor to Dundas. It is a house of beer, stocked with a stellar collection of global brews that span all the continents. Each customer is given a beer menu upon entry, a huge selection that lists each bottle of beer by name, type, percentage, price, and country of origin. It’s an amalgamation of better-known ales (like Keith’s, Beck’s, Guinness, and Boddington’s) and less prevalent picks (such as Russia’s Baltika, Trinidad’s Carib, Poland’s Okocim, and Jamaica’s Dragon Stout). You may even partake in a glass of Absinthe, the wormwood and anise liqueur with such a high alcohol content that it has been banned from many western countries.

Beyond Beer
Though beer is a good draw for Ciros, the restaurant does serve a diverse mix of food that will compliment your suds of choice. Appetizers mingle between wings and chicken dumplings, calamari and spanikopita. Sandwiches, wraps, and burgers are plentiful mainstays. Entrees are Asian-inspired, and include hot szechuan, pad thai, and green coconut curry. The Buddha vegetarian is tossed with shittake mushrooms, bean curds, baby corn, bamboo shoots, watercress, seasonal vegetables, tofu, and Shanghai-style noodles. The atmosphere, too, is worth mentioning: a long room of dark blue and bright orange contrasts, with mosaic-tiled flooring, and retro chandeliers. A pool table in the back of the bar room provides a delightful diversion, and with an array of television sets, you can be sure you’ll catch the game.