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Centennial Park Conservatory

151 Elmcrest Rd, Toronto, ON, M9C 3S2

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The “greenhouse effect” results in blooming beauty throughout this conservatory.



Neighbourhood | Etobicoke Southwest
Getting There | West off Renforth Road, just north of Rathburn Avenue
Cross Street | Renforth & Rathburn


Mon-Sun: 10AM-5PM

Profile Last Updated: September 22, 2008

Seasons of Love
At the Centennial Park Conservatory, three glasshouses appeal to area botanists and plant-lovers alike. Containing more than 12,000 square feet of plant collections, the Conservatory is a perfect place for people to interact with the botanical objects of desire.

Different Displays
One of the houses is dedicated to seasonal displays that change eight times throughout the year – mums in the fall, lilies in spring, and a poinsettia festival in the weeks surrounding Christmas, where a topiary rocking house and evening celebrations by candlelight draw people from around the city seeking the spirit of the season. The permanent tropical display contains plants producing the juiciest of fruits, like guava, orange and lemons, a waterfall full of ferns, palms, ponds swimming with goldfish, and a display of bromeliads. The arid house is filled with cacti, succulents and yuccas.

Centennial Serenity
Centennial Park was one of the last areas of Toronto to boast a working farm. The space was transformed into its current state during 1967, in time for the 100th anniversary of Canada. Providing a peaceful refuge in this active atmosphere, there’s something for everyone at the Centennial Park Conservatory. The park boasts 525 acres of recreational facilities, including:
  • indoor hockey arenas, ski hills, a public golf course, mini-Indy track, tennis courts, the 2200-seat stadium and other playing fields,
  • a pond with paddle boats and picnic sites,
  • and a multi-purpose recreational facility, the Etobicoke Olympium, one of the city’s favoured training spots.