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Artifacts and memorabilia from nearly a century of communicating with Canadians.



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Neighbourhood | Don Mills
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Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM, Sat 12PM-4PM, Sunday Closed

Profile Last Updated: June 18, 2008

A Museum of Canada’s Proud Public Broadcasting History
A museum devoted to preserving and presenting the history and present story of Canada’s proud public broadcasting past, the CBC Museum, located inside the Canadian Broadcasting Centre building at Front and John streets in Toronto, is a testament to the vibrant viability of the public broadcaster in Canada. Housing equipment artifacts and many gems from the CBC archives for your review, the CBC Museum is an oft-overlooked resource for those looking to connect with the recent past.

A Treasure Trove of Media History
Housing artifacts and memorabilia from nearly a century of communicating directly with Canadians, first via the radio, later via the television and more recently via the Internet, the CBC Museum is a trove not only of its own history but of the history of the nation itself and by extension of the world at large. Having seen one World War, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement and the social activism of the 1960’s, the Trudeau era and as many Olympiads as there have been in the meantime, the CBC and their arguably impartial reportage is a fascinating lens through which to view the 20th century.

A Vast Archive at Your Fingertips, Free of Admission
With a vast archive available at your fingertips – including archival radio programs available for listening at audio stations and many television clips available at viewing stations – it should come as no surprise that this free public broadcaster’s museum is as free as the airwaves. Same goes for their onsite Graham Spry Theatre – named for one of the pioneers in Canadian public broadcasting at the CBC – which features a full schedule of full length television programming from the CBC archives. Also a great place to bring a class on a self-guided tour.


Museum Address: 250 Front St W, Toronto, ON, M5V 3G5

Note: Wheelchair accessible