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Bent Inn, The

107 Gloucester, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1M2


The Bent Inn is a private guesthouse and party place catering to gay men with a flair for metal, leather, chains, dungeons and plenty of other fun activities.

Category: Hotels


Accommodation Type | Bed & Breakfast
Payment | MasterCard, American Express, Visa


Neighbourhood | Toronto
Cross Street | Gloucester and Jarvis


flexible check-in, check-out

Profile Last Updated: April 04, 2008

The Bent Philosophy
Hosts Den and Rod became aware that there were guest houses that actually had “no sex” policies, so they created The Bent Inn with the opposite philosophy: sex is encouraged. Even clothing is optional inside the realm of The Bent Inn. This Toronto destination’s primary clientele are gay men who enjoy playing rough, especially if leather and chains are involved. The cornerstone of the inn is the 800 square foot dungeon, complete with old-fashioned stone walls, examination tables and lots of harnesses and gags for naughty boys.

Get Ready to Party
The Inn offers everything you need to have a kinky but safe good-time, plus a number of standard hotel features. All the beds come with vinyl leather-like sheets and the room walls have been sound-proofed, so you can scream to your heart’s content. In case you forget, condoms are provided free. As for the more run-of-the-mill frills, the rooms come with satellite TV and complimentary high-speed internet. For those guests who feel particularly adventurous, The Bent Inn features a toy chest filled with kinky toys that are available to rent for the duration of the visit.

In the Market for Action
The Bent Inn is located just around the corner from Toronto’s famed Gay Village. With a plethora of bars and clubs as well as steamy bath houses all within a short walk, The Bent Inn has plenty to offer whether you choose to stay in or out.


Other Amenities: dungeon, common area, clothing optional, sex toys for rent, complimentary condoms

Room Amenities: high speed internet, satellite TV